Kiefy bowls for days

nature walks

fatty nugs for days

blais bong tooookes



New Bong!

Omg love this piece! And that bowl is making me drool

im in love

Some Dutch Dragon I picked up.

Super fiiiirrreeee 🔥🔥👌👌

Tahoe Og 70u🙏

Shatter webs 🙌



rebloggin for anon 

So this is one of the biggest reasons why we go out of our way to advocate for Cannabis. Sheer beauty comes from this stuff and it’s culture.

There is a reason we regard Canna-Culture as the next metaphorical powerhouse of “High Art, High Culture and High Society.” From within it comes some of the greatest and most beautiful forms of expression and the culture is inclusive to Even More different forms of expression. There should be no doubt in ANYONE’S mind that this person has a lot of passion for what they do and are more than willing to go through great lengths to show the world what it is they love and to what extent.

We look to a lot of people who outright hate the stuff and say “How could you hate something so natural?”

She obviously isn’t hurting anyone. She’s not donating to the delinquency.

This is something that pharmaceuticals, police unions and prison systems, Rehab facilities and big oil, tobacco and alcohol; they cannot contend. This is the pure, unbridled passion of the human spirit at work, “on fire with the same force that made the stars.” As David Foster Wallace would say.

It is the passion and urge to create beauty and truth throughout the world in the fullness of human expression in any way we can. To create an atmosphere where overly normal trenches of everyday life are made unique and extraordinary with nothing but the mundane; to add that spice of life that always makes things half a bit sweeter. A symbiosis of the unlimited power of human creativity and the soaring scope and intensity of nature at it’s finest.